WEEO!®-Women Empowering Each Other®

                 Welcome to the Website for Worldwide josie carter productions  Events….where you can MeetWhoYouTweet®! Tweet them on Twitter, Chat on Tumblr, Post Photos on Instagram, Friend them on Facebook, Watch them on your favorite YouTube Channel…and then you can Meet them Face-to-Face!

josie carter productions started with the successful 2013 Event GLADIATORSunite® because of #Scandal!! ABC’s Scandal brought #GLADIATORS together in front of the TV, Twitter, Tumblr, and other SOCIALMedia sites. There, we became a connected #hashtag family! Together we Tweet, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook together, Laugh together, Cry together, and of course, Shipped #Olitz® together (My signature hashtag)  Our social interaction transcended from Scandal to other shows, and agendas…politics, food, home improvement, climate change, whatever!! (SEE TAB ARCHIVED GU®EVENTS FOR GLADIATORSunite® Events)

josie carter productions are the Event Organizer for Worldwide National Symposiums, which started its first year in New York City in 2013. Attendees hailed from more than 30 states and five or more countries. They were a diverse group of international, multicultural, multi-generational dedicated individuals who UNITED in one central location to Meet-&-Greet and discuss the common interest of our favorite shows, politics, and movies and to support various charities, and causes.

josie carter productions is transitioning into a different format for our national symposiums, we will host our inaugural WEEO! event (Women Empowering Each Other) and Workshops from TBA, in New York City.

 While we have enjoyed these meetups over the past years, we have also realized that it’s time to shift our focus from these types of events to ones that empower and inspire.

Thus, WEEO!® was birthed.

It will Be a WEEO!® Month!

Come Join Us for the #WomenOfPowerWeekend  Symposium TBA in New York City!! Make it a #GirlsTrip

As we know, women have always played a vital role in the daily lives of our families, and in efforts to affect positive change in our communities. This is still true today. It is also true that now more than ever, and in our opinion for years to come, it will take our perseverance and persistence to ensure our voices are heard socially, economically, and politically. That’s where WEEO!® comes in. What is WEEO!®? It’s an event that will bring women of various races, cultures, and backgrounds together from around the world to meet and discuss women’s causes, highlight and celebrate women, and uplift each other in a supportive, empowering, and inspiring atmosphere.

If you are interested in being a panelist, vendor, workshop facilitator, or speaker during the Meet N Greet session,  please contact us at weeo.universal@gmail.com

For future #MeetWhoYouTweet® Events! Please sign up or follow this website to receive periodic updates as they unfold.


Instagram: Weeonyc & jcpllcnyc

**Dates May Change

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