1st Annual Nationwide Scandal Gladiator Meet Up-NYC 2013

Welcome to the Blog for the Annual Nationwide Scandal Gladiators Meet-Up!

Josie Carter Productions, LLC is the Sponsored Organizer for this Annual Event, which started its first year in New York City. There are hundreds of Gladiators that will come from a large, international, multicultural, multi-generational group, who LOVE ALL THINGS SCANDAL. We hail from more than 29 states and 5 or more countries. We are FANS UNITING together to Meet&Greet and discuss our favorite HIT ABC-TV show— Scandal, which stars Kerry Washington, as Political Fixer, Olivia Pope, and Tony Goldwyn, as the gorgeous and torn, President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III. (OLITZ)

Scandal has taken TV viewing audiences by storm, and Twitter fans have developed a loyal and passionate LOVE for these sometimes complex characters.

We all know Shonda Rhimes as the creative GENIUS behind this hit ABC-TV show, so these next five to seven years, we as GLADIATORS are going to UNITE every year, in a different, beautiful state or country, to show our DEDICATION and SUPPORT we have for each other.

Please JOIN US on this JOURNEY! Once you are signed up, we will send emails, and tweet where each event will be held each year and hope to see everyone there.



@outlawjoz (pronounced Jo Z)


About josie carter productions

#WEEO-Women Empowering Each Other NEW YORK CITY Planning a GLADIATORSunite®️ 10-yr Reunion for 2023
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