GLADIATORSunite: Special Thanks to our afterBuzzTV Scandal Aftershow Family

April 25, 2013 — During this week’s afterBuzzTV Scandal Aftershow, our fellow Gladiators and aftershow co-hosts Emile Ennis Jr., Sofia Stanley, Bamm Ericssen and Kennelia Stradwick included the 1st Annual GLADIATORSunite Scandal Meet-Up in NYC during their “News & Gossip” segment!

The GLADIATORSunite Steering Committee would like to thank our Scandal Aftershow hosts for their support of the event and all things SCANDALous!!

Be sure to check out the afterBuzzTV Scandal Aftershow on Thursday nights when your afterBuzzTV hosts recap all new episodes at 11:00 pm PST. You can watch live online at If you can’t catch the live show, you can listen by subscribing to the official podcast on iTunes by clicking here or you can watch the aftershow on YouTube the next day by clicking here.



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