GLADIATORSunite® NYC10-Year Reunion 2023

Thank you for visiting this page!! Below you will find videos, photos of the Cast with the Organizer of the events, and a Poem! Different Montages of our GLADIATORSuniteNYC2013 Memorial Day Weekend, May 24-27, 2013.

Meet N Greet is one of those Magical Moments that you just have to go AWWWW…

The 1st Annual Worldwide GLADIATORS MeetWhoYouTweet Event in NYC Memorial Day Weekend May 24 – 27, 2013!!

GLADIATORS at the KARAOKE Bar STOUT in NYC Memorial Day Weekend 2013!!


Video 1 Montage of our Weekend in NYC!

Video courtesy of Kenneth Smith @niceworkice

Photo and Video Montage 2 of our Friday night in NYC!

Photos courtesy of Liz Corney/Video courtesy of Veronica (@IluvOlitz)

Video 4 of the Gladiators at KARAOKE night NYC’s Stout Bar…singing “You’re All I Need To Get By…Video courtesy of JoyfulGirl Monica Villarreall @Joyfulgirl326

Photos of Josie and Cast of Scandal and Executive Producers, with Shonda, Betsy, Judy, Lyn, Kerry, Tony, Guillermo, Darby, Katie, Scott, Joe

Darby Stanchfield aka Abby

Guillermo Diaz aka Huck

Katie Lowes aka Quinn

Lyn Paolo Scandal’s Costume Designer

Scott Foley aka Jake

Shonda Rhimes, Creator

Betsy Beers, Exec Producer

Judy Smith based on her life

Joe Morton as Papa Pope

Josie and Kerry Washington aka Olivia Pope

Josie with Tony Goldwyn aka President Fitzgerald (FITZ) Grant


Gladiators at the Apollo with Billy Mitchell…

A Poem written by one of our Canadian Gladiators…she wrote it in 5 minutes!

Finding my heart at the Apollo

An original Poem by ‘Kego Onyido

Perhaps it was the voices of ancestors taken from us so long ago

Perhaps it was my own restless heart telling me to go

And so I simply arose and chose

To listen to the unsung songs of my soul

And I followed my beautiful soul sister Josie on the long road to the Apollo

Along with all my strong, wonderful, magnificent Scandal soul sisters

Outspoken, shy, gentle, mighty, powerful, passionate…Gladiators All!

Empowered souls, re-connecting, rising majestically from every past fall

We found ourselves together, with our spirits willing and our hearts bared open

And in these hallowed walls, I found a long-lost brother, Mr. Billy Mitchell

Oh! What deep, painful, and uplifting triumphant stories he had to tell

Beautiful stories of humble beginnings, searing struggles, and of happy endings

Stories of heroes and of sheroes, of poets, of dancers, of singers and of actors…

He told his story, he told our story—

He told the buried stories of our long-forgotten ancestors.

Look at me, little me

It all finally makes sense

This unfinished journey to find my life’s essence

From the beautiful, broken, bruised heart of Africa, across oceans to Canada

Standing here now, in this moment, at the Apollo, the heartbeat of Harlem

Such a long way from my hometown, my little village of Amichi

It is so very bittersweet

That I who speak the language of Wall Street

And breathe the air of finance in a world shrouded in ego

Should find myself at this sacred place, the Apollo

Only to learn of history so shameful, filled with dirty secrets and lies

Wall Street! Our shinning beacon of world power, trade, and prosperity

It was built to hide away our collective shame of shackles and chains,

Anchored on foundations laid down with the sweat and tears and blood

Of beloved ancestors buried deep in hidden, abandoned, dishonored graves

And today, we learn to hold the future in trust for our unborn children

To bequeath to them the gift of education, the values of honour and integrity

And the courage to take on life’s challenges, to always stand up tall and fight!

I stand here, humbled, healed, and finally home, as I find my heart

Beating safely, in the loving embrace of my scandal-soul-sisters, Gladiators Unite!

Billy and JulietJosie and Juliet 

[Pending Copyright. ‘Kego Onyido. Written May 25, 2013]

More poems are available under the ‘Poetry and Prose’ section of the following blog:







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