Weather Guide – New York City, NY



New York City

New York City has humid hot summers and wet cold winters. The weather can change dramatically in a matter of hours, and tourists and visitors should take this into account when planning their trip. Plan and pack accordingly!

As a rule of thumb, follow the following advice on what to pack for your trip:

Summer Season
June, July, August

Early August normally sees daytime high temperatures in the low to mid 80’s F (27-29 C) with about 3-5 days this month reaching or exceeding 90 F (32 C). … Past Augusts have seen temperature extremes as high as 104 f (40 c) to as low as 50 f (10 c). More important than the temperatures though is the humidity.

Average Weather Conditions by Month New York City average high and low temperatures, precipitation, and record high and low temperatures for every month of the year.

July/August Averages: Click this link to see how the weather end of July early August

  • Average High: 90°F
  • Average Low: 50°F
  • Average Precipitation: 3.73 in.

Click here for the current weather conditions in New York City


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