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Organizer/Founder & Creator of #MeetWhoYouTweet Events
Josie Carter Productions
Email: or
Instagram: jcpllcnyc & WEEONYC

Event Planner Extraordinaire/Co-Founder
Janice Phillips
Twitter: @GrandPassion

Event Coordinator(s)

Kathy Miles, Esq
Twitter: @KitKatChats

Genia Wright

Twitter: @TheGeniaWright

Clarissa Evans

Communications/Sponsors Advisor
Mari Johnson-Lee
Twitter @MariGoRound_TV

Madonna Samuda-Nianwan, Esq.
Twitter: @MyLadyNeonJuan

jcpllc Legal Advisor(s)
Belinda Samuda, Esq.

Kim Judd-Lehmann, Esq.

WEEO!®️ Legal Advisor

Kathy Miles, Esq.

Social Media Manager
Joanna Zieglar

JCP ASSOCIATES:  Tamara Law, Monica Villarreal, Liz Corney, Brenda Williams-Smith, Michelle Baldwin, Vicki Mack, Chelsei Mack, Sharon Bond, and Deirdre Fisher-Kemp

Supporter: Stephanie Cole -Original SCM
Supporter: Emily Snow Colonio-Original SCM


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